• Cold water ELECTRIC ENGINE
  • Hot water FUEL / GAS ENGINE

  • PTO driven


    Hydroclean PTO cleaners are designed for multiple cold water application : agricultural washing equipment, hydrocuring...

    Protected by a stainless steel cover, on a galvanized tray. You only need to do the assemblies on a 3 points frame or on a trailer's boom.

    The pump is driven by a tractor power take-off, using a multiplier and a counter bearing.All our pumps are connected to the multiplier by an eslastic coupling to absorb the jolts of the PTO.

    Hydroclean PTO cleaners are designed for different users :

    • Lreeders
    • Municipalities, towns and communities of municipalities

    The Hydroclean PTOs can be designed for 2 users simultaneously (1,000 rpm tractor function) and can be switched back to 1-user mode at any time (540 rpm tractor function).

    They can be adapted so that they do not need to use a high tractor engine speed (speed multiplier).

    The pumps accept 20% over speed which ensures that the pump is preserved in case of wrong handling (tractor acceleration).

  • Cleaning Trailer & skid