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The Hydroclean team, specialist in high pressure, accompanies you in all your projects, wether in the agriculture, construction, agri-food, industry or community

sectors... We are constantly improving our products in order to adapt to your needs and satisfy all your requirements.

Our network of suppliers and installers developed on the territory guarantees you an installation carried out by professionals and an after-sales service always

ready to intervene as close as possible to your home .


Engineering office

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In order to be able to carry out all your projects, we have our own engineering office, which can analyse each

cleaning problem and offer a custom-made solution.

The engineering office department provides its customers with a personalised service : design based on a

software of 3D CAD, costing, design and production of customised products for washing, hydro-cleaning and

restoration, weeding...for the needs of communities, industrialists, washing service providers, agricultural

companies, construction and public works, sanitation and the maritime sector.

These custom-built high pressure cleaners for professional and industrial use work up to 500 bars and

are available in cold and hot water versions, in electric, petrol or diesel versions.

For an estimate, or for any information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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After-sales service

We have a team of high pressure professionals, close to your home, for efficient and reliable service

and a maximum reactivity. We ensure fast delivery (48h) of parts of all brands.