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Pressure and flow rate

Depending on the use, it will be necessary to adjust these 2 parameters for an optimal result and thus reduce the washing time.

  • The pressure (in bar) is the impact.
  • The flow rate (l/h) is the output.

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Electrical or combustion engine?

Depending on the electrical installation, you can use a single-phase (220 V mains) or three-phase cleaner 

(400 V network). If there is no electrical connection, high pressure cleaners with motors (petrol or Diesel)

guarantee maximum flexibility and independence for a high-performance professional use.

Ideal in the building sector, municipalities and green spaces...

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Mobile or stationary unit?

Depending on the use :

  • periodic or intensive,
  • of the interest of washing alone or with others,
  • of the size of the area to be washed,

One may ask oneself the question of whether to equip oneself with a stationary unit or a mobile cleaner.

For what purpose?

We can help you to choose the most suitable cleaner from our wide range of products

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