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Hydroclean PTO cleaners are designed for multiple applications in cold water washing. They allow for example the washing of agricultural equipment, hydrocleaning...

Mounted on a hot-dip galvanised plate, they are protected by a stainless steel cover. They are either mounted on the tongue of a trailer or mounted in the factory on a 3-point chassis (optional).

The pump is driven by a gearbox and a counter bearing. All our pumps are connected to the gearbox by a flexible coupling in order to absorb the jerks of the power take-off.

Hydroclean power take-offs are designed for different users:

Farmers Municipalities, towns and communities of municipalities

Hydroclean power take-offs can be designed for 2 simultaneous users and switch back to user mode at any time. 

The pumps accept 20% overspeed which guarantees the preservation of the pump in case of bad handling (tractor acceleration).

Options :

  • Reel support for 3-point chassis
  • Hydrocuring

Bar l/min l/h Brand Rpm Oil
TPF180/42U 180 42 2520 UDOR 1450 15W40
TPF200/71 200 71 4260 UDOR 1450 15W40
TPF200/50 200 50 3000 UDOR 1450 15W40