Regulation valve VB  


VB 7

  • Sturdy steel and brass construction. 
  • Adjustable locknut to control max pressure. 
  • Possibility to fit a venturi injector, on delivery, for chemicals. 
  • Plastic knob, upon request

VB 85/280

  • Dynamic seals made up of O-ring and Back-up ring. 
  • Optimized internal passages that guarantee reduced pressure loss. 
  • Antirotation device of the piston positioned inside the valve and obtained by an hexagonal sector of the piston itself.
  • O-rings of the fittings positioned upstream to the thread : no risk of fittings ejected in case of overpressure. 
  • Double feed connection. 
  • Version with knob fitted with locknut for minimum working pressure adjustment.

VB 9

  • Sturdy steel and brass construction 
  • Resetting of bypass at around 40 bar – 4 MPa which allows periods of non labour before the release for bypass setting.
  • Hexagonal shaped check valve to avoid jamming.
  • Version with knob, fitted with locknuts for min. and max. pressure regulation.
  • Possibility to fit a venturi injector, on delivery, for chemicals.


Bar l/min
141024S BY PASS VB 7 220 30
141026S BY PASS VB 85/280 280 80
141061S BY-PASS VB 9 + MICRO CONTACT 250 30
141025S BY PASS VB 7 INTEGRAL 220 30
141072S BY PASS VB9 250 30