Centralised Stationary Units

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    Vertical multistage pump in chrome nickel stainless steel with bearing and coupling sleeve.

    For clean, abrasive-free, non-aggressive liquids.

    Outer sleeve, stage casing and impeller: stainless steel 304

    Pump body and top cover: cast iron

    Shaft: 303 stainless steel (available in 316 stainless steel version)

    Mechanical seal: hard metal/hard carbon/EPDM

    Motor: Three-phase 230/400 volts ⩽ 3.00 kW - 400/690 volts ⩾ 4.00 kW 2,900 rpm (continuous duty)

    Insulation class F - Protection IP 55

    IE3 high-efficiency three-phase motor

    Liquid temperature : -15°C to + 110°C

    Ambient temperature: up to + 40°C

    Max. permissible final pressure in the pump housing: 25 bar

    Variable flow rate from 1 to 25 m3/h

    Delivery pressure from 1 to 25 bar

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