Mobile foam unit

  • Mobile foam unit
    • Galvanized steel
    • Support : 2 cans of 20L
    • Wheels : tubeless Ø 260 mm + swivelling wheel

    The mobile foam unit can be directly connected to the fixed network or to the gun outlet.

    Available with a double product injector.

    It is recommended to use the foam unit with maximum 35m hose for a nice persistant quality foam, and an effective product intake. 

  • Mobile foam unit - AGRO

    • Support : 2 cans of 20L
    • Frame : Stainless steel
    • Wheels : alimentary

    The mobile foam unir AGRO need to be plug

    • in to a high pressure network
    • in to a low pressure network (20 to 40 bar) with addition of compressed air.