• Single lances

    Single lance of different lengths, moulded steel or stainless steel handle.

  • Double lances

    Double lance
    High flow double lance

  • Mitra Lance
  • Push Pull lances

    Lance with progressive orientation from 20 to 140 degrees, stress-free and fatigue-free.
    Suitable for the cleaning of gutters, containers, bottom of boxes or vehicle roofs.

    • Pressure : 210 bar
    • Temperature : 150°C

  • Telescopic lances

    Light and handy lance, progressive extension according to model from 0.9 - 7.4 m

    Lances with integrated high-pressure hose and gun (depending on model)

    Pressure : 275 bar
    Temperature : 100°C

  • Spray lance
  • Lance sheath
  • UHP lance

    400mm Ultra high pressure lance

    Pressure : 600 bar

    Temperature : 150°C

  • Lances accessories
  • Double foam and HP lance

    The ST-175 Foam & Clean switchable dual-lance is the ideal accessory for the use of foam injector modules.

    A simple rotation of the lever allows the foam and wash functions to be switched.

    One position allows the ST-75 head to be powered for foam production. The other position allows the full flow lance tube to be fed for the rinsing phase.